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What is ATNE and How Does It Work?

ATNE is the method by which the state of PA will define group size under the Affordable Care Act.  Any individual for whom a company issues a W-2 (including full-time, part-time and seasonal employees) is counted in the calculation of ATNE.  The average number of employees throughout a 12 month period will determine whether the group is defined as large or small.

Example ATNE Calculations

The group in the example below is considered a small group because their average total number of employees is 21.

atne example


Although at first glance, the group in the next example (below) may appear to be a small group, when the ATNE calculation is completed their average total number of employees is 52 and therefore they are not considered a small group.

atne example 2
Participation requirements are  based only on full-time eligible employees but the above calculation determines the quoting process, rating methodology and portfolio of products available  from the carriers.