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Insurance Coverage for Part-Time, Seasonal and Temporary Employees

Most employers are not able or willing to offer insurance coverage to their part-time, seasonal and temporary employees. However, they also understand the importance of having health insurance especially now that employees can incur significant fines for not having coverage.

Benefits Network’s Your Health Insurance Shop can help. Our Individual and Senior Product Specialists can help your employees who are otherwise ineligible for group coverage. Our team will:

  1. Determine if they are eligible for subsidies or tax credits
  2. Help choose a plan that includes their doctors and hospitals
  3. Select a plan that meets their health care needs and their budget

And the best part – there is never a fee for our help! A Your Health Insurance Shop representative can conduct an enrollment fair onsite at your place of work or schedule appointments with individuals at their convenience.

Contact your Benefits Network Consultant today about providing this service to your part-time, seasonal and temporary employees free of charge to you and your team.


Benefits Network and VCS Group Complete Consolidation

Benefits Network and Somerset-based VCS Group Inc. finalized the consolidation of the two businesses in July. As part of the transition, the VCS Group name changed to Benefits Network and Your Health Insurance Shop became a Benefits Network company continuing to serve the Medicare and individual health insurance markets.

Benefits Network President and CEO David Straight credited VCS Founder Glenn E. Miller, Jr. with spear-heading the smooth transition along with the Somerset staff who will continue to serve clients from the Somerset Office. With the consolidation, Benefits Network is now one of the leading brokers of UPMC and Highmark insurance products in the region.


2016 will be a Challenging Year for ACA Compliance

Businesses of all sizes are bracing for 2016 when new reporting, disclosure and notification requirements and penalties take effect with the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The extensive amount of data that employers are required to collect can take hours of staff time increasing costs for many, especially smaller employers.

At the same time, Department of Labor (DOL) audits are happening at a record pace with an increasing number of fines and penalties being imposed on employers.

“Many businesses mistakenly believe that penalties only occur for failure to offer health insurance if they have 50 or more employees,” says David Straight President and CEO of Benefits Network.

“However, ACA requirements are much broader and effect businesses of all sizes,” says Straight, adding, “By failing to send employee notices, not having a Wrap Document and SPD in place or improperly administering your health plan or HRA, your company and individual company officers may be at risk for substantial fines, lawsuits, and even face the risk of imprisonment.”

Benefits Network has a solution that takes the work and worry out of compliance and can save you money by not hiring extra staff or having to invest in expensive software or computer infrastructure. Your Compliance Express, is a proprietary suite of services developed by Benefits Network in partnership with NavigateHCR and is only available in Western Pennsylvania through Benefits Network.

Your Compliance Express offers packages that are tailored to each organization to cover your compliance needs no matter what size business or compliance requirements that you face. Talk to your Benefits Consultant today to see how Your Compliance Express can save you time, money and worry.