All Savers Renewals

Renewing Your All Savers Clients

helpful hintsYour client can renew their current plan level or they can choose a new plan level .  Employers do not need to resubmit paperwork, but they MUST CONFIRM THEIR PLAN LEVEL and default plan for the group if they are making any changes. If the employer elects to change their current plan level, default plan, or open employee selection, a signed document describing the change is required. Please provide confirmation of renewal determination to my attention via

If the employer has elected to offer multiple plan options, employees who choose to keep the default plan may do so without any additional action.   If employees wish to choose alternate plans, you will need to provide us with a listing of employee plan selections.

New employees can be added during this renewal period, up to the effective date. Each new employee must submit a completed Employee Enrollment packet. Download it here. Membership changes can be emailed to Melinda Baronetski at or to

All Savers will mail the renewal letters to the employer no more than 60 days prior to the renewal effective date.

After the plan is renewed, new ID cards (if there are plan changes) and other renewal materials will be sent via USPS mail.

The  All Savers Billing and Collections Form. will be used for commission purposes and is therefore required to be submitted at enrollment.

If competitive rating is available we are willing to request consideration for rate relief, but the Underwriting Department advises that the best rates are being released with the renewal.