FSA Plans

Flexible Spending Account (FSA)fsa-plans

Most health insurance plans come with co-pay and deductible options in order to keep monthly premiums low. Flexible Spending Accounts allow employees to pay for out-of-pocket, uncovered expenses using pre-tax dollars.

One great benefit is that the entire plan amount is available on the first day (the first day of a contribution).

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How FSAs Benefit Your Company and Employees

Tax Savings

Because a Flexible Spending Account allows non-covered medical expenses to be paid by pre-tax income, those expenses are essentially tax-free. Employees get to keep more of their hard earned wages.

Family-Friendly Flexibility

Flexible Spending Accounts can be created for both employees and their dependent family members, so coverage can be customized to meet workers’ individual needs.

Convenience and Ease of Use

Benefits Network provides comprehensive administrative services for Flexible Spending Accounts. Once a plan is implemented it runs itself and requires no effort on the part of the employer.

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