Deductible Friendly Package


The Benefits Network 4 U Deductible Friendly Package is the perfect companion to a Health Savings Account (HSA) or high deductible health plan.

The discount benefit program helps employees and their family save money with discounts on out-of-pocket costs and uncovered services through a nationwide network of services.

The network is extensive with:

  • 161,000 dental practices
  • 60,000 pharmacies
  • 1,500 major clinical laboratories


  • 15% to 50% off dental services
  • 10% to 85% off most prescriptions
  • 10% to 80% off typical costs for lab work

Deductible Friendly Package Cost

$11.95 per month for the entire family if employee paid.

$11.35 per month for the entire family if employer paid.

Print out the flyer for more details about the Benefits Network 4U Deductible Friendly Package.

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