Large Employers

Every large employer is unique. That is why the Large Group Consulting Division of Benefits Network delivers custom solutions and a wide spectrum of services and expert resources.

As an NFP Benefits Partners affiliate, we are an international consulting leader. We provide a robust suite of services to employers of all sizes, industries, and locations. We act as an extension of your organization, giving you everything you need to administer comprehensive benefits efficiently and effectively, including:ComputerMen(fade)

  • Compliance and Regulatory
  • Healthcare Reform
  • Employer Communications
  • Benefits and HR Administration
  • Employee Advocacy
  • Analysis Tools
  • Industry Information
  • Custom Request for Proposal Development
  • Carrier, Stop Loss and Administrator Rate Negotiations
  • Labor Negotiations Support
  • Benefits Strategic Plan Development 
  • Compliance Services
  • Healthcare Reform Advisors
  • The Consultants at Benefits Network can deliver on a value proposition designed for your organization.

The Consultants at Benefits Network are certified in the Affordable Care Act by the National Association of Health Underwriters and supported by our Compliance Department at NFP Benefits Partners. Our knowledge of the Affordable Care Act has become a significant competitive advantage. We can truly add value in the following ways:

  • Assure that you are prepared in the event of an audit
  • Get and keep you compliant
  • Determine if you are a large or small group
  • Track variable employee hours
  • Assess the “minimal value” of your plan
  • Assist in creating payroll contribution strategies to assure “affordability” under the law
  • Educate executives and employees
  • Prepare you for the “look back period”
  • Offer solutions for part-time employees who work more than 30 hours per week
  • Help you weigh the pros and cons of offering medical coverage to employees
  • Modify plan designs for compliance and cost-savings

Beyond this expertise, we provide our clients with our exclusive package of services called Your Compliance Express. Your Compliance Express can help ensure that your organization is never out of compliance with the Affordable Care Act and dozens of other federal BenNet_InstaQuote_2employment laws. As a Benefits Network client you can access this tool free of charge, or if you are not a client you may purchase Your Compliance Express on a subscription basis. Learn more about Your Compliance Express.