Workplace Wellness

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Benefits Network offers employers a full range of wellness options to keep your employees healthy. Our in-house Wellness Coordinator will work with you to utilize all of the wellness options available through your current health insurance carrier as well as to enhance those benefits with custom and community based programming.

Why Wellness? A study published in the British Medical Journal found that approximately half of all deaths and chronic diseases was a result of everyday lifestyle choices: tobacco use, poor diet, and lack of physical activity (resulting in being overweight/obese).

As your Benefits Consultant, Workplace Wellness is just one more way Benefits Network can help to reduce your overall healthcare expenses and help you to maintain a productive workforce.

Employee Engagement is the key to success in any wellness program.   According to a recent study by HealthMine, 68% of employees agree that they would engage with their workplace wellness program if there were good incentives.  But good incentives don’t always mean cash! In fact, in a recent survey by Incentive Marketing Association, 65% of employees preferred non-cash incentive.  Workplace challenges, personal and team goal setting and non-monetary rewards are great places to start to engage your workforce. Our Wellness Coordinator, Amanda Baur, will work closely with you to develop an effective engagement plan that is both manageable and affordable.

corporate wellness low resLifestyle and Disease Management are essential components to reducing health care costs. Ultimately, the goal of any workplace wellness program is to keep your team members healthy so that they can remain happy and productive employees. It is estimated that 65% – 85% of all heart disease cases are caused by personal health behavior. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there would be annual savings of over $77 billion dollars per year if every inactive American became active.

We will work closely with you to get to know your team and to identify specific programs that might be most beneficial to improving their lifestyles.  Examples of some of our onsite programs include:

  • Benefits Education – Are your employees getting all they can from their health insurance carrier?  Disease Management is a critical component to every managed care plan.  If your employees don’t know how to take advantage of the personal coaching and support that is available, they are missing out.
  • Smoking Cessation – Each employee who smokes costs employers $1,760 each year in lost productivity. (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) These programs are most often free of charge and if coordinated appropriately can have significant impact on employee wellness and long term health insurance cost containment.
  • Preventive Health Screenings – Offering incentives for employees to take advantage of their annual preventive health screenings is a great way to help maintain their good health.
  • Brown Bag Benefits – Pack a healthy lunch and join our Wellness Coordinator for onsite informational sessions on topics that are customized to your employee’s interests and needs.

Contact Benefits Network’s Wellness Coordinator, Amanda Baur,  at 724-940-9481 or email her at  for more information