Small Business.
Big Healthcare Decisions.

Trust Benefits Network to help guide you.

When it comes to your business, every decision you make matters – and with the healthcare reform law in effect, you have to worry about more than just rising costs. There are restrictions, penalties and a host of new options to consider.

What does reform mean to my small business?

It means you will have to make some tough decisions, weighing the benefits of offering group benefits to your employees and the effect on your bottom line.

There is good news.

New small business tax credits, funding arrangements and individual subsidies are available. You need professional guidance on how to make these options work for you and your employees.

We can help.

Benefits Network’s Small Business Division can help you take care of your employees and your bottom line. Running a small business is your specialty, navigating the world of healthcare reform is ours. Don’t go it alone.

We’re here to help your business build a better healthcare strategy. Call us today! 724-940-9490

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