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SS98_004_0088_03BMWhether you are a fan of the Affordable Care Act or not, it will forever change the healthcare and insurance landscape. The law is massive with more than 11,000 pages of regulations to date. To properly advise clients requires a real commitment. Benefits Network has made that commitment.

Here are some important initiatives we have undergone that sharply differentiate Benefits Network from competitors and position us as “the best” healthcare reform resource for employers and individuals:

  • We Read It! – Yes, many of us at Benefits Network actually read the 2,600 pages of law and those regulations that pertain to our clients and prospective clients. We are students of our business and therefore scholars of the Affordable Care Act.
  • Healthcare Reform Certified – Every Benefits Network adviser and service associate at Benefits Network is “healthcare reform certified.” So are most of our support team members. What does this mean? Each of us participated in the extensive certification program offered by the National Association of Health Underwriters, the leading trade association representing insurance agents and consultants. And we passed the lengthy and challenging final examination.
  • NFP Benefits Partners – Unique to Benefits Network is our association with NFP Benefits Partners, one of the largest employee benefits firms worldwide with clients and offices in every state in the U.S. Our Compliance Department is comprised of  ERISA attorneys and compliance experts, some with hands-on experience from inside the Washington, DC beltway. This team provides us with “best of breed” compliance support and serves as a solid and accurate resource regarding the many details of the Affordable Care Act. This invaluable resource is at our disposal to best serve our clients.
  • Communication – Our knowledge is meaningless unless we share it with our clients. We do so through a variety of mediums including face-to-face meetings, seminars and webinars, email announcements (including our “Healthcare Reform Alerts” and monthly edition of “Compliance Corner”), and one-on-one conversations. Our goal is to get and keep you compliant while helping you to make the best decisions possible.

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  • Lobby – Benefits Network has been active at both the national and state levels in attempting to positively influence decisions associated with the Affordable Care Act and other laws that impact our clients.
  • Compliance Resources – In 2010 we created Your Compliance Express, a tool designed to help our group clients stay compliant with the Affordable Care Act and other federal employment laws and to ensure proper documentation in case of an audit. We provide this resource at no cost to our clients.

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Your Compliance Express is comprised of three important resources:

  • Continuous news feeds from our partners at hr360 providing the latest HR and healthcare reform law updates as soon as they happen
  • Links to the most important Federal and State sites related to healthcare reform
  • Compliance Dashboard, a customized online utility that notifies you of specific compliance requirements via email, and walks you through the steps necessary to complete each compliance activity throughout the year. With the push of a key, a report can be printed that shows all of your completed compliance initiatives on a single spreadsheet…your documentation in the event of an audit. Click Here to see for yourself just how easy and useful this tool can be.

Read more about our how you can access Your Compliance Express through our  quarterly subscription service.